Night 3 is the third night of Fredbear's Fright. It takes place the day after Night 2.


Night 3 is essentially an upgraded version of Night 1, being that similar animatronics are active. Dismantled SpringBonnie will begin on CAM 1A and will make his way towards the office through CAM 4B. Once he enters the right vent the player needs to close the vent to repel him. Scrapped Mousiki begins in CAM 7 and will move to CAM 6 on his way to the player's office. He can be spotted at the door to the office using the light on the left side, at which point the door will need to be closed to drive him off.

Prototype is found in CAM 1B and will initially be stationary on the stage. It will eventually move off the stage and pick up and wear the mask in the cardboard box nearby, after which point it will rush the office and attempt to attack the player. If this has happened the only defense against it will be to close the left door to prevent it from entering the office. Prototype can be delayed by watching it on the camera which will slow it's progression.

Prototype mask

Prototype holding it's mask

Scrapped FredBear first appears during Night 3, and can be seen roaming around the building on multiple cameras. It is not aggressive at this point, instead it will call the phone in the office and give a randomly generated code. The player then has a short period of time to input this code into the keypad on the right side of the office by the right vent, which will reset Scrapped FredBear and prevent it from attacking. It is not stopped by closing the door or the vent.

If the player successfully survives until 6 AM they will be awarded the next minigame and will continue to Night 4.


This minigame is earned after the player survives until 6 AM and completes the night. This minigame shows Fredbear in what appears to be the original Fredbear's Family Diner giving cake to children. The player controls Fredbear to move left and right to put cakes onto the plates of the three children. After delivering the last cake, Purple Guy will pop out of the door to the far right and grab Fredbear, dragging him inside.


Phone call

Hello? Uh... OK, so the programming of the animatronics is getting closer to being right for the attraction. It's not perfect, but we're getting there. Uh... so CAM 2A should be getting worked on tomorow along with the animatronic AI operator. Hey, I may even come in tomorow night to start working on it myself. It's pretty exciting seeing this place coming together so nicely. The generator also should be. getting replaced in several days for a fully working electrical system so operating the facility should become much easier. Lucky you, right? Uh, anyways... I want to go over some explanations of things we've done within the facility, just in case you weren't already aware. So, we actually had to find those 'spring fredders' and animatronics at some old diner off in the middle of nowhere. In fact, they were already pretty messed up looking when we found them. Apparently some other company started fixing them up for some type of attraction but it got burned up or something. The person who tried fixing them up did a lousy job on them anyway. Oh well... at least we got the Hand Puppets. They aren't really scary at all but they do fit in with the attraction. So far we've set up the facility to go in the back starting with the first location, and ending at the last Freddy Fazbear's. I've got nothing else to really say, exept that you must make sure that our animatronics don't malfunction while you're watching over the facility. OK, I'll quit bothering you. Good night and good luck.