The Hand Puppets are an antagonist and attraction in Fredbear's Fright.


The Hand Puppets consist of two separate puppets, with the left hand being a rabbit and the right hand a bear. They seem to be based on the original Fredbear and Bonnie from the mainline FNaF games. They appear to be made of a shiny yellow plastic with both wearing purple accessories and blue eyes.


Puppets cam3

The Hand Puppets on CAM 3

The Hand Puppets are first active on Night 2 and will begin immobile on their stands on CAM 3. After activating they will move around the cameras erratically before attempting to enter the Office using the right hand vent. They are repelled by waiting for the sound cue of them entering the vent and then closing it before they can reach the office. Failing to do so in time will cause them to jumpscare the player, resulting in a game over. Both puppets function as separate entities and can move independently of each other, so it can be difficult to keep an eye on both of them. Neither puppet will return to CAM 3 after activating. The Hand Puppets are also active during Night 3 and the beginning of Night 4 and are more aggressive, however the method used to defend against them do not change.

Custom Night

The Hand Puppets are one of the potentially active animatronics during Custom Night, which is unlocked from the extras menu after beating Night 5. The player is able to set the difficulty of each puppet independently of the other, with 20 being the hardest and 0 being completely deactivated. Their mechanics are unchanged from the main game, however setting their difficulties to higher levels results in the Hand Puppets attempting to enter the office more frequently, and reduces the window of time to close the vent.


  • The Hand Puppets are very similar in design to Bon-Bon from Sister Location, which is most apparent with the Bonnie puppet.
  • The Hand Puppets are the only characters to have no fingers.
  • Custom Night is the only time that each of the Hand Puppet's can be encountered without the other puppet also being active and on the same difficulty.
  • Phone Guy remarks during the Night 3 phone call that he does not find the Hand Puppets particularly scary.