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Fredbear's Fright has two currently known endings.

Normal Ending

This ending is earned after completing Night 5 and comes in the form of one of the Minigames, and shows Purple Guy some time after the events of the previous minigames. He is off screen but is seen using a remote control to active the animatronics from behind the curtain. Fredbear, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy march out from behind the curtain on the left of stage in a seriously degraded and damaged state, similar to their Withered Forms from FNaF 2. They cross the stage to the right, after which point they encounter the Locked Box from FNaF 4 and the minigame ends.

Earning the normal ending rewards the player with the second star on the start screen and unlocks the Extras Menu.

Secret Ending

This ending is earned after achieving the Normal Ending, and requires the player to complete Insane Mode while holding two secret keys. The first key is found on CAM 6 by clicking on the Freddy poster. This teleports the player to an 8-bit Atari-style minigame and will need to move Freddy to the right of the screen to collect the first key. This will then reset the night and the player can continue as normal. This can be done on any night but is easiest on Night 1.

The second key is collected during the Normal Ending, which can either be collected at the ending of Night 5 or from the Extras Menu as this minigame can be replayed. Once the animatronics move to the second screen and the Locked Box appears, the key is directly to the right of chest. Clicking on the key will make a dull sound play, and repeat play throughs of this minigame will show that the key has vanished.

Completing Insane Mode with both keys collected will award the player with the Secret Ending once the night ends. The player will be presented with the same Locked Box, and will be able to open both locks with the keys. Once the box opens the screen will glitch to reveal four faces between the two locks, and then pans to a cassette player with the name Afton written on it. This award the player with the third and final star on the start screen.