CAM 1B is a location in Fredbear's Fright.


CAM 1B is the entrance to the attraction, and consists of a small entry way with the 'Fredbear's Fright' logo on the wall. A large wooden stage can be found here which holds Prototype along with professional lighting equipment and a few cardboard boxes with miscellaneous items. These are not part of the attraction and are intended to be moved before opening to the public. The door is labelled EXIT, however this is purely because the door is being viewed from the inside of the building. It is connected to CAM 1A to the south.

Prototype is the only animatronic to be found here. It is initially stationary on the stage, however from Night 2 onwards it will move off the stage, put on the mask found in the cardboard box and then attempt to rush the player in the Office. Successfully defending against Prototype will cause it to return to the stage, however it is possible to see CAM 1B without prototype present.